Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Urgent Planning protests needed

There has been an important new development.

Waltham forest has put their planning Notice in wF Magazine on page 16 of their WF Magazine.

Objections should be emailed

Write to: Chris Loy
Silver Birch House,
Entrance A,
Uplands Business Park,
Blackhorse Lane,
London E17 5SD


  1. I went to Silver Birch House today and asked to see the stuff about Leyton Cricket Ground. I got a confused look from the receptionist until she realised was beside me on the notice board. It was an A3 sheet with a plan of the cricket ground as it is now. Pinned next to it were instructions to the reception staff that people coming to see it could take a copy away. I wanted one - just to be able share my astonishment with someone else. I waited while they phoned Chris Loy to ask if that was it, the one sheet. He said it was and sent a copy down for me! Amazing.

  2. Yes,
    What a Joke. We should insist that it is put on the WF web. So everyone can see it. Do you get the feeling that they don't want us to know anything?

    Pat stoppard